Cell Phone Spy Software

With cell phone spy software you can monitor employees cell phone usage or monitor your teens mobile usage.
The variety of cell phone spy software available ensures that whether you are a business user or private party - you will be able to find the right cell phone spy solution for you.

Check out our list of Cell Phone Spy Software developed for apples iPhones, Microsoft windows mobile, nokia, blackberry, and also other smartphone in use today similar to the Android cell phones.

Two of the most popular spy phone programs are Mobile Spy Software with the included capability of GPS tracking and silently recording every SMS message send from the monitored cell phone, StealthGenie and Spyera with feature like remote spyphone software, Sim change notification and remote control over the cell phone.

Cell Phone Spy Devices

Cell phone spy devices allow you to read emails, deleted text, pictures and send and received sms messages. some of the more sophisticated devices enable you also read phone lists, passwords and call locations.

Cell phone spy devices on the market today come in deferent types and connections. some are USB drives or USB sticks sim card readers which are connected to your desktop or laptop.
others are using wires or cords that are connected to the phone you want to spy on.

Unlike software based Cell Phone Spy products - cell spy devices can show usage of the cell phone before it was connected to your computer. in addition using cell phone spy devices it's impossible to monitor the target phone in a "live" method. something you can achieve with cell phone monitoring software.

Cell Phone Security Software

Cell phone malware is responsible for a long list of reasons for mobile damages and lost of productivity.
A virus installed on your cell phone can drain the battery faster then regular usage, it can erase part of or even completely delete all data installed on your phone.

Some type of Trojans installed on your mobile phone might even take a total control over your phone including the camera and the microphone using your phone as a double agent sending information about you back to the person whom installed the spay-ware on your cell phone.

Any decent mobile security software should include anti-malware firewall and spam blocker features.
An automated and frequent updates of the cell phone security software is a common feature these days.

Parental Control Software

Do not assume that any tool will replace parent child trust and close involvement.
however mobile parental control software can help you monitor your child cell phone activities and usage and could reduce to a minimum the risk of your child involvement with questionable person.

Any cell phone parental control software should include time restriction feature and ability to block unwanted web sites or restricted phone number list.

A call log of incoming and out going calls and text messages including the contacts list.

Parental control software will never replace the close interaction and dedicated involvement of a concerned parent. If you’re reading this article, however, it’s likely that you’re looking for some help in creating a safe on-line environment for your loved ones. Below is a brief synopsis of the criteria we used when selecting the best parental control software.

Digital Cell Phone Recorders

Most types of digital phone recorders can record phone calls conversation either from a cell phone or a land line phone device. very few types of digital recorders are capable of recording from both mobile and land line telephone device.
The variety of digital recorders available insures that at least one will be compatible with mobile phone you are carrying, either iPhone Android blackberry nokia or Microsoft Windows based cell phone.

Unlike cassette phone recorders digital mobile recorders use internal memory chip or external memory stick. which gives the user a superior accessibility for recording, searching and deleting the recorded messages.

The new digital cell phone recorders on the market today will include a large internal or external memory storage, extended battery life and superior recording quality.

GPS Cell Phone Tracking Systems

The built in GPS reciver included with all new mobiles today alowes the user to get location information including on map driving instructions.

All cell phones transmit signals when in use. this electromagnetic signal is received by the closest cell phone tower.
assuming the location of the tower is mapped it is quit simple to locate the area from which the cell phone user is communicating.

In most cases this type of cell phone tracking is called GSM phone tracking. one of the more significant problem using this method is the rate of scanning of each tower needed to produce accurate result regarding the whereabouts of the cell phone.

More accurate method of tracking cell phone is the use of GPS. a cell phone with GPS system built in also sends a signal with data which in turn is received from the nearest cell phone tower.
unlike the GSM transmitted signal the signal produced by the GPS system is much more accurate and includes longitude and latitude of the transmitting cell phone.

Using the GPS tracking system it's possible to get real-time tracking information which in turn can be fed into a map similar to google map for instance for accurate and "live" location of the person carrying the cell phone.

Remote Landline Cordless Spy Phone

Landline Spy Phone holds the transmitter part of a system which includes a set of transmitter receiver.
the landline spy phone will start transmitting the phone call automatically when a phone call is in progress and stops transmitting the audio signal at the end of the phone conversation.

With the landline spy phone it's possible to monitor remotely ongoing phone call and also record the phone call while the landline spy phone is connected to a digital phone recorder.

The Landline Spy Phone is full feature telephone monitoring system disguised like an ordinary corded or cordless phone with Speaker-phone.
This device looks and works like a regular landline phone with Speaker-phone, found in almost every household, expect it was modified to intercept and transmit the conversation of both sides of the phone line to a remote receiver.

How To Monitor Landline Phone Remotely?

You can monitor landline phone remotely using a transmitter receiver set. the phone transmitter part of the system is a miniatured electronic devices installed with in the landline phone.

The modified radio scanner is the receiver part of the system which enables you to receive the transmitted audio signal in two ways - either at the time the phone call is tacking place or recorded message when the radio scanner is connected to a digital phone recorder.

Use the available video tutorials to quickly set up the system and operate the various functionality it provides.
The recorded message from the digital phone recorder can be converted from WAV to MP3 file format.